We are teaming up with Infosys to deliver scalable omni-channel solutions to retailers

Today we announced we’re teaming up with Infosys, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, to make the implementation of Store Assist even easier for our customers. Together we’ll help retailers leverage technology solutions that simplify customer and store employee omnichannel experiences such as pickup, delivery and ship from store.

“Infosys is a trusted partner to businesses that are navigating their digital transformation. We are excited to have Infosys help streamline implementation of the Store Assist app and to serve as a trusted system integration team for our customers.”

–Sunil Kumar, Vice President and General Manager of Walmart Commerce Technologies

Store Assist is a lightweight, cloud-based, API-first solution that seamlessly integrates into a retailer's existing Commerce or OMS platform, including dedicated integrations with out-of-the-box capabilities for Salesforce and Adobe customers. Infosys has an industry-leading Consumer and Retail focused practice that has been helping retailers over the last three decades and will now add our omni-channel solution to their implementation portfolio.

“To navigate an increasingly complex supply chain and serve the modern intelligent shopper the way they want, retailers are looking for innovative ways to deliver seamless omni-channel experiences with convenient fulfilment options. Infosys is proud to work with Walmart Commerce Technologies to enable retailers to implement Store Assist, thereby improving digital retail experience for customers and store employees."

–Karmesh Vaswani, EVP & Global Head – Consumer, Retail & Logistics, Infosys

We’re excited to be working with Infosys to make the implementation of Store Assist even easier and to help retailers maximize their fulfilment capabilities and provide scalable, omni-channel experiences to their customers. Read the full announcement.

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